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Our Story

Welcome to Elaine’s Bread Pudding, where every bite tells a story of love and legacy. Hailing from the heart of South Central LA, I am honored to share the journey that has led you to this page today.

Raised by my incredible mother, Wanda Elaine, I learned the art of baking from her. After her passing eight years ago, I searched for a way to honor her memory. Inspired by her tradition of hosting festive Christmas parties, I began baking her signature bread pudding to share with friends and family as party favors.

The response was overwhelming, igniting a passion within me to turn her humble recipe into something more. With the support of my wife, we transformed Elaine’s Bread Pudding into a thriving business, offering over 35 flavors to a growing community that loves sweets.

Our journey has taken us from local events to renowned festivals, but it's the smiles on our customers' faces that truly fuel our passion. Each batch is a tribute to my mother’s love and teachings, reminding us that the best recipes are those made with love and shared with the world.

Join us in tasting the magic of Elaine’s Bread Pudding—a bite of tradition, a spoonful of love, and a whole lot of flavor.