We're Here For Your Cheat Day!

Our Story

I grew up in South Central LA to an incredible single black women named Wanda Elaine. She taught me everything from hemming my pants to baking cakes.

8 years ago I lost my mother, the women who taught me everything. It took me years to figure out how I would honor her memory.

I started off by doing my yearly Christmas party just like she did, In the same house all the way down to making sure every guest left with a gift. This gift was fresh baked bread pudding.

My guest enjoyed them so much that they started to call and request them. After about 20 dozens sold, I told my wife, maybe I should take this serious.

That's exactly what I did. I took my mothers recipe and expanded it to 25 different flavors. Which we now have Elaine's bread pudding, a business that is growing everyday..

Pleased to say, we have sold out at the La BBQ Fest and The Taste of Inglewood, just to name a few.